Back Pain Edinburgh – Understanding Nonspecific Back Pain

Back pain Edinburgh wide varies from person to person. The most common type of back pain is better known as nonspecific back pain. This term is used because there is no underlying disease or specific illness at the root of the pain, and the problem causing the pain is usually minor.

If you seek medical attention with nonspecific back pain, there is rarely anything that can be done except test to ensure there is nothing serious hiding as referred back pain. Once serious conditions are ruled out, medical advice is generally to take gentle exercise and use pain relief. However, this approach does not work for many and the pain experienced can be anything but minor. This is when an Edinburgh chiropractor is very useful. Such chiropractors will be able to assess the pain you are suffering and create a chiropractic treatment plan to reduce your pain and the chances of reoccurrence of the underlying problem. A chiropractor Edinburgh based can achieve this through numerous ways including spinal manipulation and adjustments. This approach relieves pressure on the spinal column, frees trapped or pinched nerves and reduces tension in the muscles that support the spine. Alongside the adjustments, your chiropractic care may include heat therapy, gentle stretches and exercise to improve results. Your chiropractor may offer advice on how to maintain a better posture; particularly in relation to the neck and shoulder area while seated. Edinburgh chiropractors may also offer diet information to ensure you are getting the nutrients that your muscles, joints and ligaments need to stay in full health and function properly.

Don’t suffer back pain Edinburgh wide in silence, seek out the help and support you need from Capital Chiropractic. Our chiropractic team will complete a full assessment process, including x-rays where necessary, to create a personalised treatment plan for you. You can find out more about our Edinburgh, Morningside clinic at