Chiropractic Care For Lower Back Pain – The Use Of X-Rays

Chiropractic care for lower back pain generally involves manipulation or adjustments of the spine. However, it is also common practice in many cases to start the care process by taking x-rays of the affected area. Read on to learn why you may be asked to undergo such a procedure.

While not every case of lower back pain requires an x-ray, there are several reasons why chiropractors may request this procedure before beginning chiropractic treatment. One reason is that it gives the chiropractor a fuller understanding of the health and position of your lower spine and connected hip and leg joints. This can aid in making the correct adjustments and reducing healing time. There are also occasions when chiropractors may want to rule out other potential health issues that may be affecting the health of your spine and causing your pain. If you are looking for lower back pain relief following a trauma or injury, for instance, then an x-ray will ensure that there are no breaks, fractures or dislocations. These would need to be taken care of before any manual spinal adjustment was made. Pain in the lower back can also be caused by sciatica, infection, and in some cases more serious diseases, such as cancerous tumours. Where chiropractors suspect this to be the case they will order an x-ray to be sure, before any further treatment or care is offered. In most cases, an x-ray will show nothing more than a poorly aligned spinal column and the chiropractor is provided with a more in-depth map of your back.

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