Chiropractic Care For Migraines – Reducing Reliance On Medication

Chiropractic care for migraines has been the focus of several studies, and most of the evidence points towards the work of chiropractors having a positive impact on the lives of sufferers and helping them to reduce reliance on medication. Some of the reasons for this are explored in this piece.

The spinal column is central to communication between the brain and the systems of the body. Any damage or interference in the spine can cause problems elsewhere, including in the head. Headaches and migraines are therefore at least in part possible due to a problem in the back. Furthermore, using chiropractic techniques to relieve the blockage or irritation in the back, neck or shoulder area should reduce or remove the headache. A migraine is often considered to occur because of external influences such as food, pollution and even stress. Where these are triggers, it can be difficult to see how an Edinburgh chiropractor can provide relief. However, once you consider that these external triggers cause signals to be sent along the nerve pathways of the spine, the connection becomes clearer. This is particularly true in the case of stress. One of the things that individuals do when they become stressed is tense their muscles. If they are unable to relax them once the stress is removed, this tension remains in the muscles and can limit mobility and flexibility. In turn, this can mean damage to the muscles, tensions and irritation of the nerves, leading to pain, headaches or migraines. If a chiropractor Edinburgh based can release the tension in the muscles, then the build-up and the consequences can be avoided.

If you suffer from migraines, then it is time to try chiropractic care for migraines and see if you can reduce your reliance on medication for relief. At our Edinburgh, Morningside based clinic, we at Capital Chiropractic focus on the needs of each individual to provide the best health care possible. Visit today.