Chiropractic Clinic Edinburgh For Reducing Work-Related Back Pain

Chiropractic clinic Edinburgh: if you are looking to reduce work-related back pain, then the support of a chiropractor is vital. However, preventing back pain starts with understanding the most common work-related causes of the problem, and the steps you can take to prevent future episodes.

Chronic lower back pain is one of the biggest cause of work-related sickness absence, and you don’t need to be in a job that requires heavy lifting to be affected. One of the largest groups of lower back pain sufferers in the workplace are office workers who spend long periods of time in one position, and then make a sudden movement that causes discomfort in the spine. Advice from your Edinburgh chiropractor will include taking care when lifting and moving to reduce strain on the spine. Lifting should involve bending from the knees with the back straight and no twisting motion. Chiropractic clinics also suggest that you take breaks between actions, as repetition of the same set of actions can also put stress on the spinal column and the supporting muscles. A chiropractor Edinburgh based will also emphasise the importance of good posture, whether sitting or standing to work. Chiropractors recognise that movement is important and you should avoid staying in one position too long. This causes muscles to tense and to require manual adjustments to prevent pain and nerve irritation. Stress is another cause of much of the back pain seen at chiropractic clinics and learning positive coping techniques in the workplace is essential to reducing the risk of injury.

If you have already suffered a lower back injury, or are looking for chiropractic advice on prevention, you need the best chiropractic clinic Edinburgh can offer. At Capital Chiropractic, our chiropractors are here to support you lower back health and wellness, regardless of the cause. Visit to find out how to book your first appointment.