Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches – Can It Work For You?

Chiropractic treatment for headaches has been shown in a range of studies to be very effective. However, there are several underlying causes of headaches, from medication to stress and tension, and these must be considered prior to any chiropractic treatment or care taking place.

The term ‘headache’ covers a host of different pains and health experiences that differ from person to person, including migraines. The range of causes and experiences of headaches is one of the reasons why your chiropractor Edinburgh based will take a full medical history and complete a physical examination prior to determining the right course of treatment for you. This approach allows the chiropractor to discount serious causes of headaches that may require urgent medical attention. It also allows them to understand the potential triggers for your headaches. Once they can determine whether the cause is a specific tightness in a muscle, dysfunction in a joint, or has a more complex root, they can begin to relieve the blockages or areas of tension and pressure through adjustments to the spine. Where the cause of the headache is related to aspects such as lifestyle, the chiropractic treatment and care may also include advice on removing or reducing such triggers to provide ongoing relief. Where the problem is tension headaches, chiropractors may evaluate your posture and sitting positions as part of their treatments, to ascertain whether they are causing muscle spasms and tension in the tendons between the head and neck. Food may also be a trigger, particularly if the headache type is a migraine.

If you are suffering from persistent headaches and want to find a lasting and drug free answer to the pain, then chiropractic treatment for headaches from Capital Chiropractic should be high on your list of options. You can find out more about the services we offer at, or call us on 0131 226 1336 to discuss your personal needs.