Chiropractic Treatment For Hip Pain Caused By These Common Problems

Chiropractic treatment for hip pain has been shown to be highly effective. However, before embarking on treatment, it is important to ascertain the cause of the pain that is being experienced. There are several common causes, all of which can be treated, or at least relieved, with chiropractic treatments.

One of the most common causes of pain within the hip is inflammation. As a result, there is limited space for the head of the joint to move within the socket. Therefore, if inflammation occurs due to injury, illness or even overuse, then pain can be the result. In older people seeking chiropractic treatment, the most common cause of pain is often osteoarthritis. While treatments from a chiropractor Edinburgh based cannot reverse the degeneration or cure the underlying problem, effective treatment can provide relief from pain and slow the progression of this and other inflammatory diseases. Trauma to the ligaments, muscles and bones of the hip are another frequent cause of pain in the area. Trauma can be caused through sports injury; accidents; and, in older people, even small trips or falls. During initial assessment, your chiropractor will also look for the possibility that the problem itself is not with the hip, rather that the pain being experienced is referred pain caused by a problem in another part of the body. This is common where the issue relates to the back and particularly to irritation of the sciatic nerve. Finally, hip pain can also be because of other conditions such as hernias.

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