Chiropractic Treatment For Neck And Shoulder Pain – Understanding The Complexities

Chiropractic treatment for neck and shoulder pain needs to consider both the complexity of the body’s structures and the potential for the pain being experienced to be a symptom of a more serious problem. An experienced chiropractor will take time during the initial assessment to work through these complexities and understand the cause of your pain.

The neck and shoulders are comprised of numerous bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, arteries and veins. Problems with any one of these can cause tremendous pain. There are also supporting structures in the neck and shoulder area that need consideration, as well as the potential that the pain is referred and in fact a symptom of a more serious medical condition. This could include a heart attack or gallbladder disease. Other causes of pain in the neck and shoulders include breaks in the collar bone, bursitis, breaks in the shoulder blade, injuries to the rotator cuff, shoulder separation, whiplash and tendonitis. The chiropractic care required is determined by the specific cause of your pain. Therefore, when you undertake chiropractic treatment, your initial session will focus on determining the cause of the pain and the appropriate course of treatment that is needed. Your chiropractor Edinburgh based will examine you and take a full medical history before performing any spinal realignments. They may also request x-rays of the affected areas. This is most likely if a break in any of the bones is suspected. However, x-rays are also used to help determine where spinal manipulation needs to take place. This level of precision improves your treatment outcomes.

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