Chiropractic Treatment For Shoulder Pain – Improving Posture

Chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain is not just about spinal manipulation and manual adjustment in the neck and shoulder joints. It is also looking at lifestyle choices and daily routines to avoid repetition of any shoulder injury or strain, provide relief and to improve strength and movement in the shoulder over the longer term.

There are numerous causes of shoulder pain, including sports injuries and accidents. However, most shoulder, neck and back problems, including rotator cuff pain, frozen shoulders and pinched nerves, that are referred to chiropractors for treatment are related to repetitive actions and poor posture. Part of effective chiropractic treatment and care involves considering these factors to see how they are affecting your shoulder pain and what can be done to reduce or remove the problem. One of the potential triggers of shoulder pain is poor work ergonomics. People spend more time than ever before sat at desks, often with very poor posture. This causes the shoulders to roll forward and to face inwards towards the chest. The upper back then slouches forward and the head juts forward from the chin. This position is untenable over the long term and causes strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments. It can also affect blood flow to the surrounding areas. A chiropractor Edinburgh based will work with you to realign the problem areas and to support you in achieving correct posture. This will enable your ears to be aligned over the shoulders, your shoulders to be down and relaxed and the back to be aligned with the hips.

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