Chiropractic Treatment Lower Back Pain – Sacroiliac Joint Disease

Chiropractic treatment lower back pain related that is caused by sacroiliac joint disease can be extremely effective. Sacroiliac joint disease or dysfunction is a common source of lower back pain in adults of all ages that can also affect the legs. Understanding the sacroiliac joint is the first step in understanding how chiropractic care can help.

The sacroiliac joint connects the sacrum at the bottom of the spine with the pelvis. If its normal motion is disturbed, then it can become the source of pain. This generally occurs when the joint experiences too little or too much movement. There are a range of different procedures that a chiropractor Edinburgh based uses to treat pain in the sacroiliac joint. The approach that is chosen will depend on the age, health and wellness of, and type of pain being experienced by, the patient. It will also depend on the specialisms of the sciatica chiropractor and the approach they believe will be best tolerated by the individual. The two main approaches are the traditional HVLA thrust, which involves high-velocity, low amplitude movement or spinal manipulation; and spinal mobilisation. This latter is a gentler, less forceful approach that may be better for older patients and those with other health issues. The type of treatment will be decided as part of the initial assessment process that is undertaken when you first visit the chiropractic clinic. This involves answering questions about your pain, the history of your condition and general health, and a full physical examination.

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