Chiropractic Treatments For Lower Back Pain Include Mobilisation

Chiropractic treatments for lower back pain will differ for everyone and are based on the chiropractor’s initial assessment, tests and your medical and lifestyle history. The two most common treatment options are spinal manipulation or adjustment, and mobilisation. Read on to find out more about mobilisation and what it can do for you.

Chiropractic treatment for your lower back pain always begins with an assessment of your physical health and lifestyle. Once the chiropractor has a full picture of your pain, the potential causes of that pain and any actions you take that may aggravate the problem, they will design a care plan for you. This chiropractic care and treatment plan will include advice on diet, gentle exercise and lifestyle changes that will support your treatment and recovery. Spinal adjustments are made by chiropractors to treat the affected area and realign the spine to remove areas of pressure. This improves functionality, reduces irritation to the nerves and restores normal movement. However, this is only part of the answer. Mobilisation is needed to support the work achieved through the adjustments made by the chiropractor Edinburgh based. Mobilisation is a form of low velocity manual manipulation, stretching and movement of the joints and muscles. This approach is aimed at further increasing the range of motion within the affected area. By applying both care techniques, chiropractors can provide both short and long term relief from pain, and decrease the risk of further injury, by strengthening the muscles and surrounding tissues of both the back and the hips.

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