Chiropractor And Sciatica – Potential Treatments

Chiropractor and sciatica are two terms that are often heard together because chiropractic treatment can provide relief from a range of pain and discomfort issues related to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. There are several treatment options that chiropractors might apply for sciatica, depending on the individual nature of your pain.

Any chiropractor Edinburgh wide will determine the cause and nature of the sciatica pain you are experiencing through a thorough physical examination, detailed medical history and possibly with the additional information gathered from x-rays. This information will be used to determine a care plan, including the type of treatments that will be applied and any lifestyle changes or additional exercises that you need to continue after your sessions. Potential chiropractic treatments for sciatica include the use of ice or cold therapy to reduce inflammation and aid in controlling the pain. Ultrasound can also be used; this provides soundwaves and heat that penetrate deep into the tissues and provide relief from the sciatica nerve pain. By doing this, the chiropractor can increase blood circulation to the affected area, as well as reducing muscle spasms, swelling, stiffness, cramping and pain. Spinal manipulation also plays a key role in the care of sciatica. The adjustments that are made by the chiropractor sciatica expert will free the spine from restricted movement and restore misaligned vertebrae. Different types of manipulations may be used to complete the adjustments, including gentle pressure and high velocity thrusts. Any adjustments that are made need to be achieved with precise movements to achieve their desired outcome.

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