Chiropractor For Sciatica Nerve Pain – Understanding The Chiropractic Process

Chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain: if you are nervous about approaching such a professional, then it can help to understand the process more fully. Chiropractors are highly skilled and trained professionals who follow an assessment and treatment process that ensures they collect as much information as possible and provide you with top quality sciatic nerve care.

There is much more to being a chiropractor sciatica nerve pain specialist than simply manipulating the spine. On your initial appointment, most chiropractic clinics begin by getting you to complete some basic paperwork. The exact details included may change depending on the chiropractic clinic, but it will include your contact details, doctor’s details and emergency contact information. Once this is completed, your chiropractor will take a full and detailed history of your pain and other relevant medical and lifestyle details. It is important that you give as much detail to your chiropractor Edinburgh based as possible, so that they can build the fullest possible picture of your symptoms and the causes of your pain. If you have recent scans, x-rays or reports from other health professionals, it is a good idea to take them along as they can support your sciatic chiropractic treatments. Following this, it is usual for you to undergo a physical examination. This may include the taking of x-rays, as well as some manipulation of the joints to determine problem areas and range of movement. The chiropractor will use all this information to determine the best course of chiropractic action to relieve your pain. This is usually shared with you on a follow-up appointment, where treatment will also start.

At Capital Chiropractic, a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain always starts their assessment by taking a full history of your condition, followed by physical examination. Our chiropractic team aims to gain the best possible picture and offer treatment designed to fit your needs. To learn more about our sciatic treatment process, go to