Chiropractor For Sciatica – Understanding The Causes Of Sciatica Pain

Chiropractor for sciatica - if you are looking for a professional chiropractic clinic for this reason, it helps to know what to expect from the assessment and treatment process. It is also helpful to fully understand the causes of the pain you are experiencing. This will assist you to understand the chiropractic care that you will receive.

Sciatica presents differently in different people, but there are some common presentations that aid in recognising the source of the pain that is being experienced. Sciatica is generally characterised by pain that originates in the lower spine or buttocks. However, while the pain then usually travels down one leg, it can also affect both legs to varying degrees. The pain experienced by the patient can be frequent and intense; but again, this is not always the case and pain can change in both frequency and intensity. When beginning chiropractor sciatica treatment in Edinburgh, you will be asked to describe the pain. This will help determine that the cause is the compression of the sciatica nerve. An x-ray may also be taken and used to aid in finding the source of the problem. There are several reasons why this compression can occur and pain symptoms can help your chiropractor Edinburgh based understand whether the root cause is a herniated disc, misalignment of the vertebra or another non-spinal disorder. Anything from pregnancy to constipation can create the right environment for the nerve to become compressed or otherwise irritated and cause the range of pain and sensations that are associated with sciatica.

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