Chiropractor Sciatica Pain Relief Includes Properly Focused Exercises

Chiropractor sciatica pain relief includes several different approaches depending on the source of the problem and the health of the patient. Exercise will often form a central part of a chiropractic treatment program, but is rarely enough on its own, and shouldn’t be attempted without proper chiropractic guidance.

Self-care guidance for sciatica pain will focus on keeping active and undertaking gentle regular exercise. There is nothing wrong with this in principle. However, exercising without the support of a sciatica chiropractor could lead to further pain, discomfort and a longer recovery period. One of the reasons for this is because sciatica is a symptom, rather than a cause of a problem. Chiropractic care includes finding out the root cause of the sciatica that is causing the pain, and then administering the right treatment. Just as the spinal adjustments made by your chiropractor Edinburgh based are specific to the cause of the problem, so too should be the exercises you undertake. The best exercise for piriformis syndrome will not necessarily do anything to support recovery from a herniated disc. It is not just the type of exercise that is important, it is also how the exercises are completed. Poor posture or bad technique can cause further problems and lead to sprains and strains as well as sciatica. Experienced chiropractors will show you how to complete the exercises and ensure that you are confident with your technique and positioning before you complete them independently at home.

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