Chiropractor Sciatica Relief – Sciatica Risk Factors

Chiropractor sciatica relief is one of the most common requirements of people looking for chiropractic care. While anyone can suffer from sciatic pain, there are several risk factors that make sciatica pain more likely to occur. Find out about these factors to see if you are at risk of developing such a condition.

The chances of needing professional chiropractor sciatica care increases with age. This is because the spinal column changes as you age and the risk of degenerative conditions increases alongside that. General changes in movement levels and wellness also contribute to the increased risk of needing chiropractic relief for sciatic nerve pain as you age. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors related to sciatica pain. This is because the excess weight places additional stress on the spine and can influence changes in this skeletal structure that cause sciatica. If you spend much of your time sitting down, particularly if you are seated for extended periods in the same position, then you are putting additional strain on your back that increases your risk of developing sciatica and requiring chiropractor Edinburgh based relief. Employment that requires heavy lifting, twisting of the lower back or driving for long periods also intensifies the risk of needing treatment for back pain, including sciatic pain. Other health conditions can be risk factors for sciatica as well, not least diabetes. This is a common root cause of sciatic pain because individuals with diabetes are at increased risk of nerve damage across the body. Your chiropractic clinic would need to know about this, or indeed any other health conditions, before starting treatment.

Chiropractor sciatica relief is one of the key treatments offered by the chiropractic team at Capital Chiropractic. We understand that there are numerous causes of sciatic pain and take a full history to ensure the right relief is provided. You can learn more about chiropractic treatment and our Edinburgh team at