Chiropractor Sciatica Treatment – The Importance Of Core Strength

Chiropractor sciatica treatment should include care and exercise aimed at strengthening the patient’s core muscles. When it comes to back care, including preventing recurrence of sciatica, the core muscles play a vital role. Understanding why these muscles are so important is the first step in sciatica treatment.

Focusing on core muscles is nothing new; most exercise instructors and medical professionals, including chiropractors, will tell you that strong core muscles are important. But few people stop to ask why this is the case. The core muscles are those of the back and abdomen that provide support for the upper body. They are crucial to a range of movements including lifting and twisting, but they are also key to simple things like standing and sitting, and being able to maintain proper posture. When these muscles are weak, the other muscles and the spine must work harder and are at greater risk of injury and of causing nerve irritation. The muscles become tight and inflexible much sooner, and are more difficult for your chiropractor Edinburgh based to release, meaning recovery from sciatic pain takes longer. However, if the core muscles are strong, the spine is better protected, meaning that incidences of sciatic pain are less likely to occur; and when they do, recovery is much easier. Spinal adjustments from a sciatica chiropractor provide better relief and have a longer lasting effect, and the patient is able to maintain better movement, proper posture and good lifting techniques. All of this means fewer pain symptoms and less suffering over the long term.

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