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When attending your appointment at Capital Chiropractic, your health and safety are the top priorities. As chiropractic care is a hands on treatment, it involves being in a close proximity to the doctor of chiropractic.  As the aim during Covid-19 is to reduce the amount of time spent in close proximity, the staff will use appropriate personal protective equipment, implement stringent cleaning protocols and will have patients undertake a covid-19 screening questionnaire. During your appointment, all history taking and discussion will be conducted in line with the social distancing rules as well as the best practice guidelines from the General Chiropractic Council and the Government guidance.

To help minimise the risk of infection and to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19, Capital Chiropractic has implemented the following protocols:


All high contact surfaces (such as chairs, desks, card machines, door handles and pens) at Capital Chiropractic are thoroughly cleaned, using the recommended cleaning products between each appointment. We have hand soap and hand sanitiser readily available for use.  The reception is set out so the chairs are 1.5m apart and all floors are mopped daily. Patients are asked to arrive no more then 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment and appointments are spaced accordingly in order to minimise any problems with social distancing.


All staff members are required to monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19. All staff wash their hands thoroughly with soapy water for 20 seconds or longer between all appointments and after any interaction.  Chiropractors and sports massage therapists are following all the recommended guidelines on social distancing when they are not in the clinic.


Patients are asked to:
  1. Wash their hands upon arrival
  2. Follow government guidelines on wearing face masks while attending the clinic
  3. Arrive only 5 minutes prior to their schedule appointment
  4. Patients are requested to wash their hands again on exiting the clinic

Screening Prior to Booking

All patients are screened by completing a Covid-19 screening questionnaire prior to booking to minimise the risk of infection.  If any patients display symptoms they will not be treated but will be asked to be tested for covid-19.


The health and safety of our staff and patients remains the top priority at Capital Chiropractic.  We thank you for your co-operation.