Edinburgh Chiropractic Care For Sports Injuries

Edinburgh chiropractic care is available for a range of back, neck and hip related pains, as well as for specific issues such as migraines and sciatica. However, one of the main areas where chiropractic treatment can be an essential part of full rehabilitation is sporting injuries.

Treatment from an Edinburgh chiropractor can both treat sports injuries and aid in avoiding further injury in the future. Whether you are suffering from a recurring injury or want to get more out of your training, chiropractic treatment can help. One of the most common reasons for recurring injuries is repetitive faulty movement patterns, where an alteration in the body’s mechanics has not been detected, or treated by a chiropractor. Where there is restriction in the spine, the results can be a restricted range of motions, and reduced strength and flexibility across the body. The effect of these is most likely to be limited endurance, decreased performance and potentially further injury if the problem is allowed to continue. A chiropractor Edinburgh based will used a range of treatments, including manual adjustments to the spine to ensure that it is properly aligned and balanced. Proper alignment of the spine through manipulation helps to restore full muscular and joint motion, function and control. Motion and flexibility are also restored, pain and inflammation are reduced, and earlier healing is promoted. Chiropractic treatment when used in tandem with carefully planned training and proper nutrition can reduce the risk of further injury and promote better sports performance.

Whether you take part in sport in Scotland as a professional or just for fitness and enjoyment, consider an Edinburgh chiropractic clinic with local chiropractic experts, Capital Chiropractic. Our chiropractic health team will develop individualised care plans from your initial assessment and history to ensure the best outcomes possible for you. Learn more about our Morningside, Edinburgh based Chiropractic clinic at http://www.capitalchiropractic.co.uk.