Edinburgh Chiropractor: What Is A Migraine?

Edinburgh chiropractor clinics can help with a wide variety of different ailments. One of these is the migraine. What exactly is a migraine? Those who don’t suffer tend to believe that a migraine is simply a bad headache, but it is much more and much worse than that. A headache is the main feature, but there are other symptoms too. These can include sickness, a sensitivity to light and sound, disturbed vision and even vomiting. When a migraine attack strikes, it can last for many hours and the sufferer is often unable to function at all during that time. Thankfully, a chiropractor Edinburgh may be able to help.

Chiropractor Edinburgh: What Are The Causes Of Migraines?

Unfortunately for sufferers, there are no definitive, known causes for what will trigger a migraine. Scientists have suggested that some people are simply genetically predisposed to getting migraines. However, if you are one of the many people in the world who are plagued by migraines, whether regularly or rarely, then there are some factors which are recognised as likely triggers to setting off the pain. One of these triggers is stress. Many people find that after a tiring or generally bad day at work, a migraine begins when they come home and begin to relax. This can result in them feeling more stressed than ever, and the cycle repeats. Other identified triggers include lack of food, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, hormonal changes for women and even the environment. No matter what the cause, an Edinburgh chiropractor will, however, still be able to look into your ailment and assist in resolving it. It is important to get treatment as, migraines can be extremely debilitating. The sufferer could be unwell for anything from four to 72 hours, which can have a major impact on their work and social lives. Some unfortunate individuals are even confined to their beds for several days at a time. The symptoms and severity of migraines vary from person to person, which is why chiropractic care for migraines is always a personal and individual plan. The best sciatica chiropractor Edinburgh will ask the right questions to pinpoint factors that might cause or exacerbate the symptoms; and be able to offer some relief.

Visit A Chiropractic Clinic Edinburgh For Migraine Help

If you suffer from migraines you may feel as though you have exhausted all avenues for a cure. Because it is difficult to identify a reason behind the ailment, it is also difficult to find something that will stop it occurring. However, by visiting a chiropractic clinic Edinburgh, you may find the solution. Studies have taken place regarding using chiropractic measures to prevent or cure migraines, and the results are positive – many of the people who were trialled found that they had to take less medication and had fewer attacks after being treated. It could be something to do with the non-surgical chiropractic care reducing stress levels. As mentioned, stress is a major facture in the onset of migraines, and if that can be reduced then the chances of having a migraine attack will also be reduced. Before any kind of chiropractic measures can begin at your Edinburgh chiropractic clinic, a full examination will take place. This is to rule out any physical factors that might be causing the migraines such as a tumour or misalignment of the spine. The former will need to be treated by a surgeon and expert hospital team, whereas the latter can be dealt with by the chiropractor themselves. Once the examination is complete and the chiropractor understands more about your body and the problems it is having, the treatment can begin. It could be that your spine is off centre, and this can cause headaches – and possibly even migraines. Capital Chiropractic can help you with all this and more.

Make Capital Chiropractic Your Edinburgh Chiropractor Of Choice

If you suffer from migraines, you will know how debilitating they are. They can stop you from enjoying your life. They can stop you from working. If this is the case, come to Capital Chiropractic, your best Edinburgh chiropractor, for relief. Our expert, fully trained, knowledgeable team can talk you through your symptoms and put together a personal, bespoke treatment plan, just for you. When you want an experienced chiropractor Edinburgh based, we are the people to talk to. Find out more at http://www.capitalchiropractic.co.uk. If you would like to make an appointment, or discuss options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on either 0131 226 1336 or info@capitalchiropractic.co.uk.