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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from a GP or other health care professional?
No, chiropractic is the third largest healthcare profession in the world and is a primary healthcare profession. This means we are the first line of contact for the public and patients do not need a referral to see us. Chiropractors are highly trained in diagnoses as well as taking x-rays, diagnosing from x-rays and being able to refer patients to other healthcare professionals if necessary.
Is chiropractic care for me?

For thousands of patients everyday chiropractic changes their life for the better and so on your first visit your chiropractor will start by taking a comprehensive history including everything from your lifestyle habits to your past medical history to fully understand the cause of your complaint. Your chiropractor will then follow this with a very thorough physical examination to fully determine the cause of your problem and if chiropractic care can help. Although the majority of patients that we see have back pain or neck pain, chiropractic care has helped millions of people around the world with a whole variety of musculoskeletal problems. If you are not sure if chiropractic can help your complaint please call or email the clinic and one of the chiropractors will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

How long will it take to get better?
This will depend on a number of factors including how long you have had your problem for, your age, your physical condition, any previous injuries and/or accidents and whether you listen to the advice your chiropractor gives you and many more. The best advice for any patient is that the sooner you address your complaint the quicker it will be to respond to care.
How many visits will I need?
Again this depends on a number of factors. These factors include how long you have had your problem, how severe it is, your lifestyle, as well as the findings from the tests/investigations conducted during your consultation. Your chiropractor will explain to you how many visits will be required in your report of findings and come up with the appropriate management plan to help you recover as soon as possible. Through your course of care, your chiropractor will regularly reassess you both objectively and subjectively. By measuring the changes against the examination results carried out at your initial appointment, they can monitor your improvements and ensure they are giving you the best and most appropriate treatment.
Will I need x-rays?
Each individual case is different. A decision will be made on your initial consultation after the case history and examination is taken. It is important to remember that an x-ray will only be taken if it is necessary for your individual case. For some patients x-rays are a necessity to rule out certain conditions that chiropractic cannot help. Other times, if initial examination findings are unclear, an x-ray is taken to help lead to a diagnosis. The main reasons chiropractors take x-rays are for your safety, to access the condition of the spine, to check for congenital anomalies and to access for any degeneration within the spine.
Are you recognised by insurance companies?
The chiropractors at Capital Chiropractic are recognized by all major insurance