Sciatica Chiropractor: Is Back Pain A Sign Of Sciatica?

Sciatica chiropractor could be exactly what you need if you are suffering from back pain. Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of sciatica, and if you are suffering you should get it checked out as quickly as you can. Visit a chiropractor Edinburgh who can assess you and tell you whether your back pain does relate to sciatica or not. This condition occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from your pelvis all the way down to your feet through your buttocks and legs, is crushed, compressed or trapped in some way. It causes intense pain in the hips, lower back, legs, and/ or feet, and can be extremely debilitating.

Chiropractor Edinburgh: What Are The Other Causes Of Back Pain?

If you are not suffering from sciatica but still have lower back pain, what could be the reason behind it? This is another great reason to speak to a chiropractor and discuss chiropractic treatment lower back pain. The back is a complicated area of the body, and there are many different causes for specific lower back pain. Sciatica is one of them, and is one of the more serious complaints, but bending for long periods in an awkward position will also give you back problems. So will pulling, pushing, lifting and carrying heavy or bulky items. Your posture is also a contributory factor when it comes to pain in your back – routinely slouching in a chair or standing with your shoulder slumped over can cause problems that you may ultimately require chiropractic care for back pain to rectify. Equally, activities such as driving for hours at a time in one position can also make your back hurt, as the muscles aren’t given enough room to move properly. Conversely, back pain can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, and could be due to you twisting awkwardly or overstretching. As much as underusing muscles can cause problems, so can overusing them. This can easily happen during sports activities, for instance. A chiropractor sciatica will discuss how your back pain first arose and put together a treatment plan that is personal to you. They will know how, and how much, you should exercise your back and what can be done to get you, and keep you, pain-free. This is why speaking to an expert is important.

Is It Possible To Receive Chiropractic Care For Hip Pain?

Chiropractic care for hip pain can take many forms, but it certainly is something that all good chiropractors can and will address. Although one of the biggest causes of hip pain is sciatica, the other major cause is what is known as piriformis syndrome. The piriformis is a big muscle within the iliac crest (the pelvic region). It starts at the base of the spine and reaches into the top of the femur in the leg. Piriformis syndrome is an inflammation of that muscle which then means that it pushes against the sciatic nerve. Pain is often localised within the hip when you suffer from piriformis syndrome – if you are suffering from sciatica, the pain radiates further down the leg. What are the causes of piriformis syndrome? One of the most common causes is repetitive motion which affects the muscle. Football players and long distance runners often find that they suffer and require chiropractor help with sciatica or hip pain. Any kind of heavy lifting can cause piriformis syndrome as well. This is because the muscle is responsible for laterally rotating the hip, and if it is twisted in the wrong way it can become inflamed and very painful. Chiropractors can help with this problem as they can assist in stretching out the muscle. Stretching an inflamed muscle can, with expert help, cause it to have increased blood flow, and this means that the inflammation reduces more quickly. Capital Chiropractic in Edinburgh have a team of award-winning experts who can manipulate muscles in exactly the right way.

Make Capital Chiropractic Your Sciatica Chiropractor

Back pain and hip pain, no matter what the cause, can have a major impact on someone’s life. That’s why, when you need a sciatica chiropractor, a back pain specialist, or a chiropractor Edinburgh who can help with hip misalignment, you should contact Capital Chiropractic. Our award-winning team of experts can offer you relief from many different pain causing problems. Contact us today on 0131 226 1336 or to discuss what options are open to you. There are more details on our website at We will provide you with a personally tailored treatment plan that works for you.