Sciatica Pain Chiropractic Treatment – The Problem With Exercise

Sciatica pain chiropractic treatment is often required after exercise and sport. While most sport- and exercise-related chiropractic treatment follows an accident or injury, some are more closely related to poor technique or failure to warm up properly. This is particularly true when it comes to sciatic nerve pain that requires a chiropractor.

A chiropractor Edinburgh based is likely to be required for relief from sciatic nerve pain if the exercise you are taking part in inflames the piriformis muscle. This muscle sits in the buttocks and, if it becomes inflamed, it irritates the sciatic nerve. The muscle allows the leg to rotate outwards and stabilises the hip. Any exercises that use this movement can inflame the muscle. If the inner thigh muscles are particularly weak, then the piriformis muscle must work harder and is at greater risk of being the root cause of pain requiring chiropractic manipulation treatments. Another problem related to exercise that often results in the need for a sciatica chiropractor is a herniated disc in the spine. This is the most likely outcome of improper lifting techniques; poor posture during resistance training; or training with weak core muscles. Weak core muscles contribute to the possibility of a herniated disc because these muscles are intended to help stabilise the spine during exercise. It is not just weights and repetitive exercises that can cause sciatic pain; team sports such as football put players at risk of spondylolisthesis. This is where the vertebrae slides forwards and pinches the sciatica nerve. None of this should stop you from taking part in sport, but it should make you aware of the need for proper back care.

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