Sciatica Treatment Chiropractic Versus The Alternatives

Sciatica treatment chiropractic care is just one method available to you to provide relief from sciatic pain. But are the other methods as good at treating this particular nerve problem, or are they potentially dangerous and likely to make your general health and welling worse over the long term?

Sciatica nerve pain affects everyone differently. Much depends on the underlying cause of the nerve pain and the general physical health of the individual. Given this, it is understandable that different treatment approaches work for different people, but just how effective are the sciatica treatments that are offered instead of a sciatica chiropractor? In the first instance, most people with symptoms of sciatica pain are advised to self-care. This generally involves remaining active, using heat or cold compresses and taking simple, over the counter pain killers. The main problems with this approach is that it lacks professional chiropractic assessment of any potential underlying problem; and painkillers generally only mask the problem, rather than actually treating the cause of the pain. This in turn means that your everyday actions could make the problem worse over the long term. If you exercise using poor posture, or are unsure as to how to complete the actions correctly, you could again do more harm than good. A chiropractor Edinburgh based will assess and treat the underlying cause of the sciatic nerve pain using spinal manipulation. Chiropractic spine care also includes advice on avoiding further episodes of sciatic nerve pain through better posture, proper exercise and correct lifting procedures.

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